This morning parish council staff found malicious damage to trees (silver birches) and shrubs in the Old Road Meadow Nature Reserve, together with an abundance of litter strewn across the play area and a knife with a 6 inch blade near the damaged trees.

We do not know who has caused the damage (despite having seen and heard individuals in the area) however it seems that those responsible may have been trying to build some sort of den or hideaway as the location is off the main footpaths.

It is disappointing to see the result of this irresponsible behaviour in a location that council staff and residents have tried to improve and better for the good of all our village community. Moreover the discovery of such a large knife is of great concern – who could think it appropriate to go out with this in their posession?

The damage caused now requires time and effort to prevent further damage to the trees and to clear up, in addition to time spent reporting the issue to the Police etc. All this ‘time’ is paid for by you – our council tax payers and replaces more beneficial work we coudl be doing.

We would urge all our residents to be vigilent and report any suspicious activity they see in Old Road Meadow (or any council owned green space) to us and the Police as soon as possible. Moreover we would like your assistance in reminding visitors to Old Road Meadow that damage to trees, building of dens, littering etc is not permitted.

If you have any information about this incident please contact the Parish Clerk.

Meppershall Parish Council