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Village Plan

The results of the Village Plan consultation exercise were endorsed by the Meppershall Parish Council at its meeting of 13 March 2017 and can be accessed below

The first Village Plan for Meppershall was written in 2008 and was a resource for villagers and planners to better understand residents’ views about their community.

In 2014, the Parish Council set up The Village Plan Review Group (the Forum) to prepare another plan covering the next ten years.

The project was launched at the 2015 Summer Fair, and enabled the Forum group to devise 9 questionnaires, each seeking the respondent’s views on a separate topic area.

The response from the residents was very encouraging; its breadth and passion showed what a vibrant and open community Meppershall is. There are many positive aspects of our village, which attract a wide range of families to live here: our open countryside and green spaces; excellent playgroup and lower school; a variety of organisations in which to become involved; a Post Office and shop, a bakery, a pub, a village hall and a social club. However, we must also recognise the downside, particularly speeding traffic, the ever-increasing traffic flow and parking problems, housing development pressure and other areas highlighted in this report.

The Group has summarised the findings from the 9 surveys in the Meppershall Village Plan 2017-2027, available as a full report and a summary report.

Subsequent to government guidance, in 2017 the Parish Council set up a Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group who used the Village Plan to help develop a statutory Neighbourhood Plan, which when finalised will be placed before the residents for their agreement. Once agreed, it would then have legal force in the planning process.