CBC Changes to Housing Register and Allocations Scheme

CBC are making some important updates, which anyone wishing to join the Housing Register will need to understand.

Firstly, they are making some changes to their Housing Allocations Scheme. They are making the process simpler and fairer for applicants, and the scheme has been rewritten to make the policy clearer, so everyone understands how it works.

Everyone who wants to join the Housing Register for Social and Affordable Housing will need to apply or re-apply from Monday 4 December, including anyone who was previously verified. Because the guidance has changed, previous applicants will need to reapply to be assessed under the new scheme guidelines. Applicants who do not reapply will be removed automatically from the housing register.

Most applicants who qualify for the housing register will not be affected, but there will be some who see an increase in their priority and some who’s priority will reduce or no longer qualify. For applicants who are adversely affected by the new scheme there will be a six-month amnesty before any reduction is applied.  Any increase in priority will take effect immediately.

Changes to MyHomeCentral

MyHomeCentral is CBC’s housing allocations portal. CBC are introducing a new IT system, which they hope will improve the customer experience and make it easier to apply and bid for housing.

In January, nobody will be able to use MyHomeCentral to bid on properties. During this period, properties will be directly allocated to those applicants who qualify.  CBC apologise for any inconvenience, but the outage is essential to allow them to implement the new system.

Read more about the changes on CBC’s website